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Hello I am back! It’s been quite some time since I posted my last entry. Two years, almost! I’d like to make up for this time. But it is going to be difficult since there is a huge backlog. I review three books in a week forĀ The Sunday Mail Today published from Delhi. That makes for roughly 100+ missed entries in the last two years.

To overcome this gird-lock, I have decided to restart the blog with the latest reviews. I will try to add select entries from the past by either matching them by theme or relevance. This way, I hope, with time I will be able to put most of the reviews on the blog.

The other entries on this blog currently include material that may or may not have been published in print. I will be adding new things here. Including a free-wheeling take on Indian contemporary pop culture which I have decided to call INDIAN POPCORN. This section (a new page) will be started soon.

Happy reading.

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