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Being Ethical
S. Manikutty| IIM Ahmedabad Business Books & Random House| Rs 290

Does business need to be ethically neutral, not unethical, but non-ethical? Asks Manikutty in this smartly brought out reader for the Indian corporate mover and shaker. If the only social responsibility of business is to make profits, is it enough that it is done legally? That is, respecting the laws of the country you work in. What of ethics? To ask the question in another way: Is being ethical good for business? It increases credibility, generates trust, improves relationship with stakeholders, and believe it or not, can reduce cost of litigations, says the author. But is it practical? Tata’s story in India, missing in this book, could have been instructive.


Nina Godiwalla| Hatchett India| Rs 395

There were doctors in the family and academics. But no one thought of joining the Wall Street, says Nina, as she chronicles her journey from a public school in Houston, Texas to New York’s most powerful street controlled by Ivy League brains. She arrives with her father’s warning, “A solid American job, with good benefits. Plus, prestige. Be loyal to them!” Says Nina, “I was a quick learner…I copied other people’s behaviour to fit right in.” But she couldn’t shake off her Southern accent, deny her exotic looks or fake her origin. In Texas, she admits, her family was a minority. At Stanley Morgan she was part of a gang that made unflattering comments about minorities. Candid.

(An edited version of the above reviews appeared in the Sunday edition of the Mail Today, New Delhi, 25 December 2011)

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