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I never thought I would see a real sundial in use. It seemed to me somehow that this simple technique of measuring time had gone out fashion with the obelisks. But India, forever the land of surprises, threw up one for me in the watery region of the Indian Ocean – on the southernmost island of the Lakshwadeep, Minicoy.

Sundial in Minicoy

Sundial in Minicoy

This beautiful 4.8 sq km island, geographically part of the Maldives archipelago of islands, is inhabited by people who speak the Mahal language and write in Thana script (religious sonnets). The British named the island Minicoy, apparently because they found it inhabited by short and shy people. Mini+coy, however, would like to be called Maliku, the Good Harbour.

The whole island, apart from the administrative offices of the Indian government, is divided into 10 fishing villages. While most of the Maliku men spend long periods away from home working as sailors on various mercantile ships, the rest make their living by fishing in the Indian Ocean. And for them knowing the seasons and time is crucial for survival.

Indian Standard Time (IST) set on the relationship between Greenwich and the local time in the city of Mirzapur near Allahabad, in north Uttar Pradesh, is ridiculously irrelevant here. Here humanity wakes and sleeps to a different time. Time, that’s tuned to nature, to the power of the sun and moon. The sundial time.

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