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The Peacemakers
Manu Bhagavan | Harper Collins| Rs 499

Meticulously researched and lucidly written, Prof Bhagavan’s The Peacemakers, resuscitates the Gandhi-Nehru ideal of ‘One World’ that has over the last 50 years been dismissed by the policy makers and political establishment as an idea that had worn its time. The book makes three distinct historical claims. One, that Gandhi and Nehru agreed that the idea of ‘nation states’ was pernicious and oppressive. Two, India played a central role in splitting civil and political rights from economic rights at the United Nations in the 1950s, and three, Nehru’s foreign policy of ‘Non-alignment’ was not an incoherent practice of neutralism but a pro-active policy of engagement.


Rivers Past
Amiya Banerjee | Whitewater Publications| Rs 175

Rivers Past draws a picture of a hapless Delhi that over the last 20 years spilled over the banks of Yamuna and lost its moorings. For Banerjee, a psychiatric by profession, the perplexity of modern day human condition mirrors the incoherent and bullish rise of the townships that dot East Delhi’s landscape. There was a time, says the author, when we were a great nation. “It didn’t last long. We’ve fallen fast, in just one generation. Then, we were willing to pay with our lives for what we believed in. Now, the opinions and principles of a man can be bought and sold in cash.”


Take Charge
Gaurav Marya| Entrepreneur India| Rs 495

How do you develop an entrepreneur mindset? The writer of this book, says, hey look at me! Marya’s first book, we learn, was a primer on franchising based on his business experiences. His second, Take Charge, argues for a way that “would empower successful entrepreneurs to distill knowledge from their experience and disseminate this knowledge through books, seminars and workshops.” It seems, Marya’s venture into publishing, (Entrepreneur India Publishing Ltd is his own venture) is his first step in this direction. The book just wrote itself. With the help of references from books past and uninhibited downloads from the Internet.

(An edited version of the above reviews appeared in the Sunday edition of the Mail Today, New Delhi, dated 22 April 2012)

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