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Innovate Happily
Dr Rekha Shetty | Portfolio Penguin | Rs 199

Dr Shetty takes a leaf out of Bhutan and contemplates how we can achieve what the Buddhist kingdom has set as its aim – Gross National Happiness. In the middle of the book she treats you to a set of 32 questions that attempt to measure one’s personal “well-being”. The questions include the following: Do you plan ‘happiness breaks’ every day? Do you live in a peaceful area where rule of law prevails? Do you have a clear plan for the future? Something tells us, that you even if you reply in negative, you can still be happy. If that’s not true, there is always Dr Shetty.


 Empires of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne
Alex Rutherford | Headline Review | Rs 599

The Tainted Throne, the fourth book in the Empire of the Moghul series penned by Diana and Michael Preston writing under the pseudonym – Alex Rutherford – follows the fortunes of Jahangir and his son Khurram (Shah Jahan). History of the 17th century Mughal empire is told in bold strokes where battle and romance are embraced with equal vigor. In it, both men become besotted with their wives, who are presented as devoted and loyal but scheming women. Jahangir gets addicted to wine and opium, Mehrunissa takes over the reigns of the empire as Khurram and his half brothers battle out for taktya-takhta – throne or coffin.


The Edge of Desire
Tuhin A. Sinha | Hachette India | Rs 195

The writer of the book makes his living writing scripts for TV soaps and short films. This explains his style of writing – the narrative is visualized in episodes and almost all conversations happen indoors. In The Edge of Desire, he tells a story of woman journalist who rises to become a cabinet minister after she decides to avenge her rape in Bihar’s badlands. The protagonist is helmed both by her IAS husband and political godfather who promotes her. Sinha’s tale reminds one of Prakash Jha films. One wonders what to make of books that are inspired by mainstream Hindi cinema. Can it build an equally loyal readership?

(An edited version of the above reviews appeared in Sunday edition of the Mail Today, New Delhi, dated 27 May 2012)

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